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🪐 Want to experience everything 🪐

I’ve been into different types of self exploring and development lately, like psychology, astrology, dance movement therapy, breathing technics, Lila game, human design and etc

It’s all super interesting and exiting bz you kind of getting into some new relationships, relationship with yourself.

And today I finally finished reading book about me from @ihumandesignru which is almost 60 pages of explanation and interpretation of me and my bodygraf (swip 👉🏼, but it’s only in Russian, sorry guys 😅)

Human design is based on date, time and location of your birth and gives you information about you strengths and shadows ( a bit similar theory of Carl Jung but still different )

About 4 basic types u can easily read online, and get your bodygraf too, but you won’t be able to figure out what means what without special person kind of a “cart reader”😂 bz there is sooo much information, which can go really deep about you, sometimes u can literally be amazed how accurate it is and sometime not really pleasant information can show some parts u needs to work on 😅 but it’s crazy how close it was to me and how I see and feel myself.

So thanks to @vicajam for all explanations and for writing this book about myself 🤓

Now is the most hardest part I guess, to digest it all and apply to my life ✨

So, it’s all really interesting and I recommend to all of to try, if u feel like it, but still remember there is no one pill for all diseases.
Filter information and absorb only what is true for you 🙏🏼

виктория акулова

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