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When was Putin born?

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Born on 7 October 1952 at 09:30 AM
Place: St.Petersburg, Russian Federation

How old is Putin ?

By the way, today, February 9, 2024, Putin is 72 years old.

Vladimir Putin Human Design:

  • Personality Type: Manifestor
  • Profile: 5/1 (Heretic / Investigator)
  • Strategy: Inform about your intentions
  • Authority: Splenic
  • Definition: Single Definition
  • Not-Self: Feeling angry and angry
  • Incarnation Cross: The Left Angle Cross of Endeavour (48/21 | 53/54)
  • Variables: PLL DLL

Vladimir Putin Human Design Analysis:

Manifestor with Splenic authority (Spontaneous or Intuitive Manifestor). Three Centers are identified : Throat, Spleen and Root . Has two active channels: channel 32-54 and channel 20-57 .

Firstly, the variables PLL DLL — Fully left are striking . A deep looking, fully focused strategic mind. Strategist, analyst, works well with the present, easily weeds out the unnecessary.

Secondly, a manifestor (one who influences) with splenic authority, that is, with a lightning-fast reaction to what is happening. Please note that the spleen is identified in almost all gates, which essentially enhances authority on all fronts.

Thirdly, profile 5/1 (again, the one who influences). A 5/1 profile person is capable of having a profound influence on strangers. Talent for interacting with other people. 5 in the profile is also associated with the projections and expectations that society places on him, and 1 gives the desire to find a solid foundation and sift out working schemes from outdated ones. Profile 5/1 is also called a “savior,” a person who is called upon to resolve crisis situations “crisis general.”

Fourthly, the two strongest channels are the channel of transformation and the channel of insight . The sharpness of intuition allows you to easily adapt to any life circumstances. A born improviser. Combined with the ability to set very distant goals and achieve them by working hard. It is important. The deepest ability to recognize the value of another person and the value of the opportunities that arise in the moment.

A certain root center gives the ability to endure stress, to stick to one’s line with unquenchable adrenaline.

A certain spleen center gives the ability to rely on your intuition, that is, on the animal instinct of survival. Create certainty for another, that is, in his company you will feel like the most protected person in the world.

A certain throat center gives the ability to uniquely express oneself, again relying on its spleen and root centers, that is, on a strong sense of self: who I am, where I am and why all this is for.

There is no point in considering open centers or hologenetics, etc. Because seriously realized people tend to go far beyond the boundaries of their design.

We have covered the main points. I think this is enough to understand who not only the population of Russia is dealing with, but also politicians and the population of the whole world. It is safe to say that such a person is not suitable for breaking by force, and by testing his strength, you can break yourself.

ps. What else can you expect from an intelligence agent? 🙂
pps. intelligence agents are never “former” 🙂

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